July Showers


The taxi cab parked next to a pool of muddy water. It was July in Nigeria and it had been raining cat and dog in most cities, Lagos was no different. Droplets of water trickled from the heaven, earthward. The sky in Lagos was laden with precipitation, waiting to relieve itself upon the populace. Hammed noticed the pool of muddy water and motioned for the driver to move forward. He alighted, and took a left turn across the BRT lane into a street in Julius Berger. He thought to himself, “This is it”.

Two years ago, when the idea came to him in the bathroom, he was so excited he ran out with soap in his eyes to write down the idea. God forbid he forgot the idea before he got out of bath. He worked at it whole souled for months gathering informations, drawing schematics and wholly putting a flesh to his skeleton of ideas.
When you put your heart to something, even you would make a dream live. He kept remembering the cover message of his favourite book “Screw it, just Do it”. Maybe this was his million dollar idea, he could have his own startup and maybe someone would buy the idea. The dream was palpable.

Hammed walked down the wet street in the nagging dropper soaking his Paul smith black suit, he was however careful of his oxford shoes. He had to look his best for the meeting. He checked his watch, it was still 12pm, he had two more hours till the meeting time. There was enough time to eat something before the meeting started, he wasn’t hungry. Excitement laced with fear filled his stomach.
The cloud ahead was still rheumy, the air was humid and cold. The tiny drops started gaining weight, they came in fat drops and he could hear the rain beating the roofing sheets of houses nearby, he scuttled off to a nearby shelter from the rain. It was a shop owned by an aged woman, she had a toothless smile and was kind to offer him a seat. He sat for a while and stood up again. He couldn’t seat, he was nervous and wondered if the rain would stop in time so he would go for his meeting. The fat droplets gathered momentum and Hammed watched on as the street got washed by the rain.

Hammed wanted to tell his girlfriend, Tammy about the software idea since she was supportive but a gulf had grown in between them since Tammy’s mother objected to her courting a muslim and Yoruba boy at that. The unfiltered crudeness that escaped the tongue of Tammy’s mother criticising Islam bemused her daughter, but Tammy had to listen to her mother, since she practically raised her, unaided in a divided home. Hammed was unfazed by the growing divide since he had something to occupy his mind – the million dollar ware. She never said she wanted to leave him, she just told him time will tell. Time has told a story of inevitable separation.

The rain kept on roaring, aided by a violent wind which blew the rain into the shelter Hammed and the shop owner stood. He clutched his bag against his suit and prayed silently for the rain to stop soon, it was 1.30pm already and the rain kept gathering pace instead of waning. He couldn’t keep his eyes off his watch. This meeting was so important to him. It was a defining moment in his life and he had to take the chance. The cold wind blew in his face and shiver ran through his spine. He checked his watch again. It was 1.45pm.

When he finished engineering the software he called Vitreous. A platform he designed to compress and copy files online without losing the quality. He started searching for companies set up to suppport startups in Nigeria. There were none ready to buy or support his idea. Until he got a mail from L5Lab to come for a presentation at their headquarter office in Julius Berger. He was meticulous with his preparation, and rehearsed everyday for 3 months till today. Success was within reach and he was ready to grasp it with his hand. The rain wouldn’t stop him even if it was sulphur and fire.

Hammed bent and rolled his trousers, he removed his phones from the pockets of his trousers and kept them in the inner pockets of his suit. He stuck a palm out into the rain to feel its heaviness, the look of disappointment on his face on the instant transformed into enthusiasm. He jumped into the rain and darted off to his meeting.


my mama’s daughter 1 is another short story I wrote some while back.



The Ebola BCs


The pings came in a frenzy. The LED light on my phone wouldn’t stop blinking. I wanted to avoid the message because it was 6.00am and I just woke up from a sweet dream, but I decided to check the messages. Alas! Ebola messages lined up as broadcast (BC) messages from my BBM contacts. The message patterns were different, but the messages were the same


Behind the veil of disgust, a sense of understanding of the reason for the messages peeped. I understood the reason for the messages, people wanted to help themselves. What I couldn’t fathom was the identity of the peddler of the message, the source of the information that birthed the message and how people who could send broadcast messages couldn’t take a little bit off their time to check for the truth in the information being sent, granted, there are tons of researches and online information on this disease.

That wasn’t the major problem, the calibre of the individuals who helped in the propagation of the false messages bemused me. Most of them are educated. However, being educated doesn’t automatically qualify you for literacy. I think literacy is a self-development process.

The reaction of the uneducated folks who are devoid of information in villages and isolated places called by ignorant family members to this message is one other thing. A personal message (pm) on my BBM said people in Saki had already bathed and drank this mixture as at 3a.m, this evidently shows we love to live devoid of ailments inspite of the problems all around us.
Some people deemed able to confirm this information went ahead to follow the dumb prescription in the broadcast messages and bathe in salt and water. Smart!

The reaction of the few who weren’t ignorant of the lies in the messages were pretty funny. Safe to say, “Nigerians don’t have chill” Its easy to make light of any grievous situation till the importance and urgency of the times and occurrences are lost on us.

“Along with the salt and water, add pepper, tomato, and locust beans, they are good for your health”

“Add 4L of acid to the hot water and salt for quick action”

“You can go and swim in the ocean or start living in it, so you can get a constant daily supply”

Considering the danger that could come with drinking salty water, especially for hypertensive and diabetic patients and people in their extremities of age.

The need to quickly correct these false information is very pivotal.

Also, it has become almost a habit for people in this country to send messages that are silly. Do you remember the messages about Kolanut curing Ebola? What about messages that when some particular phone numbers call you, if you pick them you’d die? Do you get messages on whatsapp telling you to Re-broadcast or else your account would be suspended? Have you ever received a message on BBM to broadcast some icons and your BBM emoticons would be updated?
If you Re-BC these messages or believe them. Well, put point-blank, YOU ARE VERY GULLIBLE.

Lies, Lies and Lies! The reason behind these uncanny messages is beyond me. But its not good to be a habitual rumour monger.
We live in a world where people earn major money from rumours and gossips, but I don’t know how causing panic in the country would earn anyone any money.

Truth is this, there are important and true facts about ebola online and some links would be added after this post. Arm yourself with information, be empowered by knowledge and your wisdom would manifest when knowledge is applied.

Don’t be bored, I have some crazy memes people posted online for you to check at the end of this long post.

“…..August 8, 2014. Since the first case 15 days ago, over 3 people have been infected with a new strain of the virus, Ebola CM566. The ZMT vaccine provided for the older strain didn’t work on them. They have been quarantined in the DikVow Research facilities and several test are being run on them.

Patient A started showing strange signs and symptoms different from the old strain. The skin turned pale, the eyes were bloodless and shady. The vital signs dropped drastically withing hours of infection. We have not been able to identify the source of this infection, but there are bite marks on his neck, like they were from human……..Damn! Patient A just bit the doctor attending to him! No he’s trying to escape the facility! Wow! The doctor is having muscle fits on the ground!……. Security!!!! Wh…wh… Wh……..” *Radio static*

Worst case scenario, Zombie nation is here lol. World War Z things. Anyway, I was just kidding around. Ebola is preventable and won’t kill us all if we are ready to be proactive and work towards uniting our arsenal against it. Remember don’t peddle trashy informations, its detrimental to people’s health.

1. http://www.ebolafacts.com
2. http://www.ebolaalert.com


Towel-drying things

something is wrong with this picture

something is wrong with this picture

Remember those times when you forgot to wash your school uniform on Friday Night or Saturday and you finally remembered while you were about to go to bed on a Sunday night! Yikes (for Yeepa! Ewo! Kai! Chai! Choi!.. A sentiment that can be expressed in as many vocabulary as possible). Your school uniform is still unwashed, wallowing in dirts accumulated over the week or if you were the cool kid that changed his school uniform every other midweek – 2 days ago. You jumped out of bed, scurried off to the dump of dirty clothes and scooped out the white shirt with brown patches of dirt and ink stains. Looked around for the knickers, you found it under the bed, beneath your sneakers, you grabbed it and hurried off to the bathroom, you blindly washed, mindless of the stains all for the sake of washing of course. You dipped it in rinsing water made soapy because you added too much omo to the washing water, you didn’t mind. You were just happy you triumphed. The clothes were washed!
You squeezed it with you thin arms and water came dripping out and you violently whisked the clothes till the water came in bits and pieces, tiny scattered droplets all over your face, your boxers and the bathroom walls. You picked your towel and begged your younger brother who had been watching you, making derisive giggles at you to help you, he came. You laid the shirt in the towel and you rolled it, then you asked your brother to hold it at one end while you held the other. You squeezed tight and water came out like a hand fisted around a foam soaked in water, you squeezed till all the juices came out. You choked the clothes. When you felt they had been squeezed almost dry. You hit them against the wall. You didn’t understand why you had to do that, but since you saw brother Segun did it, you felt it was necessary, so you hit harder. Then you unpacked the clothes from the towel, you felt for wetness, it was near dry and you gave another triumphant smile. You did the same to the knickers.
You put the iron on and you didn’t even have time to rearrange the clothes on the ironing desk. You ironed them dry, with the perfect creazes (gators – commonly called) all set in the right places, you folded the shirt at the back to give a star shaped crease. All set for school on Monday. You checked the time and it was 12.30a.m. Now you knew you would be late, because the alarm never woke you up on time.

If you could relate to this

1. You are masculine. However, if you are feminine and you did this.. (#NowPlaying Psquare – Danger), were you a tomboy? Did you go to a single sex school?

2. Lazy

3.You are likely to be a boarder or a day student with high level of truancy as the case may be.

4. You still push important things forward – procrastination

5. You are creative – my inference, subject to personal opinions

I remember a friend tell me, lazy people are the most creative people, I am sooooorrrrttt of lazy about somethings like cooking, and washing so I could fall in this category of laziness. That quote is an excuse for being Un-ant-like. Ants are one of the socially organised animalia, very diligent enough to earn reference in the bible as a model.

We all don’t have to towel-dry our clothes, we could wash while the sun shines. Now I am getting all mushy. All I am saying is this. To get the job done at a record time, not through towel-dry method, we need to be proactive, industrious, less procrastinators and above all whole souled about what you do.
However, if you are like some of my glorified friends (C : refers to my partner in crime and he knows himself ) whose major ability to function peaks under stress and pressure, adrenaline drives you and the need to meet a deadline is a motivation towards meeting the target, well, you understand yourself better.
I’m no peddler of motivation (or ise aye – Carl et al). I’m just here to put my thoughts out and hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you with these few points of mine, that I did towel-dry my school uniform and remembered my homework on the way to school or when we chorused,”good morning, sir” Chai!!!!

Remember, the Ebola virus infection is preventable, understand the mode of spread, listen to the measures and implement them. Please be safe


Musings – Jephthahic


These musings of mine are out of the least critical analysis, neither were they processed enough to make them a solid unit of thoughts, diamond and shiny.

However, I will without hesitation go on with my musings leaving you least wow’ed in the end, secondarily, I would have added one more piece to this blog that had been left to fallow for months like my class notes, posting jotings and textbooks have been left to fallow on my desk for the past 3 weeks or should I say its my cerebral cortex? Especially the part filled with dental stuff, afterall, fallowing is supposed to allow a land replenish lost nutrient following a period of cultivation. This absolutely contrasts what the dental-stuff-part of my brain is undergoing, its actually getting hypoplastic, shrinking away in bits.

Hypoplasia : withering away like a plant uprooted and left in the sun.

Two of the major causes of hypoplasia are disuse of organs and loss of supply of nutrients. Well, if you are not reading your textbooks, you shouldn’t be wasting away in the sea of your bedsheet, tucked in between the waves of the cosy duvet with your weary orbs glued to the TV or your laptop screen watching all sorts of series, following the lastest ones like Extant and Tyrant. I digress, I am enjoying Tyrant so much. Extant is cool a little bit given Halle Berry is starring in it, but Tyrant is like being in the middle east watching the sagas unfold. I recommend it. This definitely doesn’t mean I have been sitting in front of TV all day, chips in hand, coke bottles within reach and wasting my days away. Ok I’m guilty. However, these long sitting hours causes one’s body to grow fatter in a sense, and the brain spaces meant for “academic” stuffs hypoplastic or No!! Obese! Slow moving, slow processing.. So, exercise your brain, make it less hypoplastic or abstain from cerebral obesity put it to work. Learn something new, read a book and take adventures.

One other thing, I am sick and tired of these new trend in dating. Its like the fallow system. Two folks who clearly are infatuated with each other continually cultivate each other’s land. Frolicking with all sorts of fruits or fruit-like things on each other. They labour hard in the most perverted way. They publicize their farming activities to the whole world. Abruptly, they harvest each other’s crop till the land is useless and totally devoid of nutrients. They switch without looking back. They just fall out of infatuation and move on to greener lands. God is watching o, in 3D in fact! I don’t know how many lands you will cultivate before you finally reach your own farmland. God help you, it would be a land filled with stone that will be left for you. Lobatan, you will be reaping what you sowed. Its sad some good boys who had taken their time to buy all the farm implements would be cultivate the futile fallowing lands. God will judge.

I will not bore you with too many produce from an unsheathed mind but before you click on the exit button check the following sites regularly for random cool stuffs

Geekery, as you may call it


I was with some of my friends yesterday and we discussed at length about somethings. I will let you in into some of the random discussions and how the kaleidoscope of reasoning forms a beautiful picture to me at least and this leaves you to judge us.

The discussion started with the possible worst plots on how superheroes get there powers, especially the Marvel and DC comics characters. Someone’s choice was Spiderman, I couldn’t agree less after pondering on his reasons for Spiderman’s storyline being the worst, though I argued that Catwoman’s was (reader’s opinion matters, that’s if you know who these folks are)

“Jephthah, you are blinded by your love for spiderman, dude, that guy got stung by a rare spider species… I can’t remember the name now… That spider wasn’t killed and it escaped, so there is probability that it stung someone else”

This argument was logical, I mean.. In a large sense, that spider walked off. Peter didn’t see it but yeah, he got to know later what stung him, how come it didn’t sting anyone else apart from him but I still think Catwoman’s is crappy. Loki is the best villain, yeah we all agreed to that.

Then the argument went on in parallels always inconclusive with the de novo topic before moving on to another.

“Cyclop’s power is the stupidest of the mutants, what kinda mutation could have led to him shooting lasers from his eyes, dude, tell me in which universe would he have developed neurons that generates laser?”

“Its mutation for Christ’s sake”

“But really what about Storm? Uhn? How come her mutation made her able to levitate, control lightning and storm.”

“She is a witch”

“Oh, how about Magneto, I guess the electrolytes in his blood made him have the ability to control attract metals?”

“Dude, yeah… , that could be reasonable, remember Matrix, Neo was made believe by the Oracle that total control of the human mind can make us control almost anything”

How did Matrix crawl into this? .. Chai!

Then we jumped back to Flash, Star wars, Halo, Samurai X, Hancock, Batman and Robin, Superman, who I think is cool, the Justice league, Hell boy,the failed comic character Dare devil and catwoman (come on she doesn’t even fit into the whole superheroes story to me, superheroes are either aliens or they got hit by gamma radiation- Hulk or chemicals or bitten by animals) cat woman’s looked like voodoo sorta….

We went on for hours discussing this and in between talks about gadgets, apple’s scheme and X-box crawled in.

Somethings are common to us all in that room. Our imaginations are wild, we enjoy Big bang theory and silicon valley. We believe Sheldon Cooper is the most fascinating character on tv. I loved the way Harrison ford turned the helicopter 360degrees like a fighter jet atleast a friend planted that idea in my head. We all have a minute to fierce fear of robots taking over the world, we digest techcrunch and read googlenews like crazy. We are all in health sciences and are probably one of the most unstreamlined in our respective classes and yeah, NMA is still on strike , OAU is on lock-down, Apple made about 7.something billion dollars in the last quarter! Shit! *excuse my language* but that’s about a dollar from every person in the world. We want to drive Benz AMG cars and google eye glass is still a luxury… Ok ok I won’t go on and bore U.
I stopped asking questions, I google everything!

I sorta think we are half-baked geeks, limited by the one-minded life in Health sciences. If you are reading this and you think we are cool, you are cool too. If you are reading this and your are like, what sorta dude is this.. Well, u aint weird enough.. Cos, weird is the new cool.


not titled


The last time I wrote anything on this blog, I was on my way back from a friend’s burial.
I have written again, this time on my way to give my condolence to another friend. This poem is for her. I hope she finds peace like the dove. There is nothing as painful as losing someone you love dearly in death. I am a ardent believer in the bible and I look forward to what Act 24:15 says.. We’ll see our dead loved ones again

Does the earth spin out of balance?
On days when the sun loses it light and darkness prevails
Does your heart feel cold, or too hot?
Are you melting away in the heat of event?
Has the coldness of this world numbed your extremities?

Ah, time and unforeseen occurrences in pandemonium
The feet that thread the path to your place
Footprints of condolence
Faces you never behold, wear wry clothes
Trinkets of tears hewn on long faces
Pretense, lies?
True condolence and beseech succor?

Who likes the wail of a broken heart?
Who loves the vacuum left in the hollow hearts
Hearts from which time and past have been dislodged
Plans, dreams.. Vacouled into gory oblivion
We rebuild?
We tear down?
We look up to the skies

Does the earth spin out of balance?
On days when the sun loses its light and darkness prevails
Murkiness defiled by a glittering light at the end
Hope is never hoped against in this
Tomorrow, we’ll dust our pants
We’ll grease our heads
And head into the unknown



The beautiful bright evening red fiery sun was the azure of the sky. The far horizon brimmed with the beauty of nature but the bright sun in our hearts are clouded with the darkness that lingered from the demise of a dear friend, colleague and doctor. Abiodun Ojebode a.k.a Badooski.
I will spare you the detail of the circumstances of his death, nor the horror that exhumes from the first Baptist church burial ground. No, I wouldn’t tell you of the anguish, fear and despair that escaped from every heave from his family members. I wouldn’t describe his fresh, youthful body and live-like remains that laid in the wooden coffin. Here is what I will tell you: We all who knew badooski are pained. Our hearts are reeking of dark sorrow.
I write in a mixed feeling of anger and labour. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I wish I could turn right-way-up the wry look on our faces. I have no such power. I have no power to edit or control my life, least your life. We have lost a gem in friend. A wonderful human. The olobe master. A handsome doctor.
As you read this, whatever faith or religion to whom you belong. Reflect. Breathe. Think about the possibilities of the possible demise of anyone. Reflect on the hope for the future for our dead loved ones. Think about your life.

Badoo ti lo. He will not be forgotten.